Photo by Sixt Wetzler


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My blades will soon leave the Deutsches Klingenmuseum for their next show in Hamburg. As they lay getting ready to be packed up they briefly shared the space with Ottoman sabres, a huge gilded two-hander from the 16th century, and a 130cm samurai sword.


Photo by Martin Kempner


deutsches Klingenmuseum exhibit / July 3 - oct 9

The Deutsches Klingenmuseum in Solingen, Germany currently has a selection of 15 portraits and blades from The Machete Project on display in the main exhibition hall of the museum. The opening night was brilliant. Thank you Sixt Wetzler, Lutz Hoffmeister and Dr. Isabell Immel for making the exhibit so beautiful.

deutsches Klingenmuseum

I'm pleased to announce that The Deutsches Klingenmuseum (Blade Museum) in Solingen, Germany will be featuring The Machete Project this summer. The Deutsches Klingenmuseum exhibits a world class collection of knives, swords, blades and culinary silverware. Housed within a former seminary, the collection presents a historical and cultural understanding of blades across several millennia, from the Bronze age to modern day.

In conjunction with the photo exhibit's opening weekend, the museum will also be hosting a 2-day immersive machete workshop on Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd. You'll be able to bring your own raw material, forge the machete blade and bind it to a handle.


slate's behold blog feature

The Machete Project was featured on


foto magazine publication

The Swedish photo magazine "Tidningen FOTO" did a 5 page spread about The Machete Project.


acurator feature

A huge thank you to the great Julie Grahame at aCurator for featuring The Machete Project on her beautiful large format site. Be sure to visit and support a unique outlet that showcases online photography like it should be.

"In 2006 Vanessa Ahlsborn bought her first knife as a memento whilst traveling. Since then her interest in the utilitarian tools has led her around the world producing this simply wonderful personal project."


outside magazine gallery

Very happy about my first feature in Outside Magazine's Photography section. Many thanks to Michael Roberts and Nick Kelley at Outside.

"Vanessa Ahlsborn bought her first knife on a whim, during a trip to Madagascar. Then she bought more—in Cambodia, Vietnam, Ecuador, and Panama. In 2010, she snapped a photo of a young boy with a machete in Colombia. And so began The Machete Project, her photo portfolio based on the idea that every knife tells a story."